C to C

From Communal to Commercial farmer creates opportunities for both man and women who have been resettled farmers and equips them with skills and knowledge on modern farming techniques so that they fully contribute to the food basket of Zimbabwe thus improving the economy through maximum agricultural production.
Poverty in the rural areas is reduced through promoting maximization of yield in crop production. The idea is to transmit information, offer training and facilitate inputs for the resettled farmers to drastically move them from subsistence type of farming to commercial farming by engaging in cash crop diversified production, livestock production and income generating projects thereby enabling them to be self sufficient in terms of food security and securing surplus through sale from secured market avenues.

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The project trains the resettled farmers to manage the ecosystem well since it forms the base of plant and animal life.


The diversified farming includes:

  1. Crop Production
  2. Animal Husbandry
  3. Farm Management
  4. Horticulture Production
  5. Conservation Farming
  6. Environment Awareness-Nature Conservation
  7. Tillage Management
  8. Social Programs- Adult Literacy- Preschool- HIV and AID


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